Hunting Office Suwałki

Hunting Office KNIEJA is a company organizing collective and individual hunting in Poland and abroad.
We specialize in complex and perfectly prepared for deer hunting, stags and wild boars in Masuria and Suwalki.

Hunting in Poland

We desire to invite on organized in Poland through our office huntings hunters’ honourable colleagues, and in peculiarity in Mazury and Suwalszczyzna as well as in Russia, Lithuania and in Byelorussia.

In Mazury and Suwalszczyzna we command hunting on deer – bull in time rutting ground. Hunting on stags in Rejonie Łowieckim Wielkich Jezior Mazurskich – Giżycko, Olecko, Ełk. Collective huntings in last years were very successful winter (on white alloy) on wild boars and different fat game.


A person who would like to reserve the hunt in ZHP „Knieja” is asked for giving following data:

  • Name and surname of a hunter
  • Address and a passport number
  • Name and surname of a companion (if there is such a person)
  • Hunting licence number of a hunter and whom it was issued by
  • Number and calibre of the hunting amunition which is brought in to Poland
  • Calibre and amount of ammunition which is brought in to Poland
  • RP Consulate, in which the hunter will gain permission for bringing in weapon and ammunition to Poland
  • Date of the beginning of the event (first meal) and date of the ending of the event. Single or double rooms.
  • Kind and amount of game ordered for shooting down
  • Sort of hunting – individual or group?
  • Telephone number, fax number, e-mail

According to these data ZHP “Knieja”:

Will turn to a proper RP Consulate for Giving a hunter premission for bringing in weapon to Poland will calculate the down payment for ordered hunting, which should be paid by the hunter before the beginning of the hunt. Final account of the event will be made by ZHP “Knieja”, after its ending.

Additional information

Hunters, who are coming for the hunt to Poland, are insured by “Knieja” from civil responsibility for demage made to the third party, becouse of making hunt.

Eventual of accident documentation is made by the organizer of the hunt.

Foreign hunter is obligated to apply exactly to the Polish law in range of making hunt. In case of not obeying the regulations – especially keeping safe during hunt – Hunting Circle has the right to exclude the hunter from the hunt or in the drastic case – stop the hunt.

Hunter won’t have right to any compensation from that title – proper registration in protocol
from hunt is in force.

Before the beginning of the hunt, the organizer should check if the hunter has actual, valid in his country, hunting licence. Lack of the licence makes hunt impossible.

 Leaders of hunt for foreigners must be the members of PZŁ. During hunts for deer, they need to have
selection entitlements.

Shooting males of deer should not be against selection criterions currently
in force in Poland.

Payment for wounding will be counted only in case of not finding the games. The organizer of the hunt is obligated to depict evident of wounding to the hunter in the from of blood, bone or fur.

In case of finding wounded individual, there will be counted payment for shooting,
according to the value of the trophy, only.